Thrill of the Grill

There are a million reasons to throw a party, no matter how bad times get. That's one of the things I like about New York City. I've been to a lot of clubs in this metropolis and seen a wide range of party themes. I enjoyed maybe 90% of em and left the others behind. But to be honest, my favorite type of party is the backyard bbq.

Anybody who knows me, they know that I don't give a lot of respect to New Yorks idea of barbequing. No offence meant because after all, I am not trying to say not that there is no good bbq in this city. I've had a few. But to be honest, the pallet is not the same as other places. New Yorkers brag about a few franchises. When I tried the places, I couldn't believe the hype at all.

What changed my view was grill party I stumbled upon. It has been a while since I've enjoyed one, so when my friend sent me an invite to their get together, I couldn't wait. I had a few worries about the cusiene. After all, New Yorkers are always give the opportunity to practice the art of grilling.

Yesterday, through all the ups and downs in the last week, I found myself at Brooklyn's Biggest Barbeque Not In Prospect Park (they said it, not me). At my buddy's brownstone right in the heart of Bed-Stuy, it lived up to the name they gave it. The grill didn't slow down one bit, the women were smiling and the drinks kept flowing. Once the sun went down, we were treated to a neighborhood legand on the wheels (spinning records, if you didn't know). It was definitely an evening that keeps me anchored right in the heart of Brooklyn.

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