The water cooler versions

I have to start off by saying I can be a bit of a nerd. I like to share little facts I come across with people as well. I tend to do this quite a bit. I am realizing that I am not enticing my audience with this. Maybe I am, but then again I could be reaching a lot more people.

It was a talk with one of good friends that brought this on. You see, he is a partner in a blog that is making some noise. He does his homework and goes farther with it. He told me last night that the average attention span is about 2 minutes for a video. Until I make a name for myself, he suggested I don't go too far past this time.

I thought about it for a bit. I do want to tout these tid bits that I pick up along the way. But if nobody is watching, it doesn't really get shared. And the more I thought about it, it's not just the average attention span that holds people back from watching the whole episode.

I worked in the corporate environment at a large firm. I've worked for small firms as well. They don't mind, in fact they encouraged us to take about a 10 minute break every hour. They said it help make us more productive to take our mind off of the work. I usually got a cup of coffee and surfed the net a bit. Odds are people in these places will not be willing to spend their entire short break watching my vlog. A lot of people want a cigarette, too.

Where every you maybe checking out my videos, I will trying my best to now broadcast the water cooler versions on youtube. If you enjoy them so much, then first let me say thank you. I appreciate the views. If you wish to see the long versions, find me on facebook. There, you can really dive in to my madness.

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