Dodger Memories Return To Brooklyn

Born in Detroit, it is natural that I am a Tigers fan. People often times asked me if I am to become a Yankees fan  now that I live in New York. That would feel like betrayal in my heart. After all, the two teams compete in the same conference. But don't get me wrong, I do want a NYC team to root for. Unfortunately, the Dodgers have relocated to that other city over 50 years ago.

But that doesn't stop me from yearning for their return. You see, I may be from Detroit but my paternal grandmother was raised in Brooklyn. I vaguely remember the stories she would tell me as a very young boy. They may not have been on top during her time in this borough. (Ironically, she beat the team in moving to la-la land by a decade.) I do remember the passion she had in describing the team.

This is why when I hear of exhibits showcasing the teams history in NYC (they had fans outside Kings county) I get a bit excited. This morning, I saw an email from the Brooklyn Historical Society about their latest exhibit to open, Home Base: Memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field. As an added bonus to the exhibit, a movie about the Dodgers will be shown, free with museum admission. I don't know about you but I plan on seeing all three. When I leave, you may hear me say "maybe next year", as my grandmother did so many years ago. Only I'll be talking about their return to Brooklyn.

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