Busy Blogger in Brooklyn

Well, my friends, I have been a very busy man. As of today, I am two months away from my wedding and I have two projects outside of my day job. Needless to say, I am being pulled in numerous directions. Although I have lacked postings lately, I still love working on this blog.

First, I would like to say rest in peace to Edwin "Duke" Snyder. He is a player I related to a few times in my ball playing days. I never was much of a home run hitter but we both expected nothing short of the best from ourselves. In doing this, we both ended up beating our self up for not living up to our own expectations. For a younger me, he was just a name that my grandmother mentioned in some of her stories. As I got older and studied film, I saw how he earned the love and respect of Brooklyn.

I also want to share a few upcoming events with you, my faithful readers. I am a big fan of Shadan's parties. They are always fun times with other like minded professional peoples. He has had the brilliant idea to hold them during the afternoon time on the weekends in Fort Greene. If you can, I recommend you check one out.

After that party, head down the street a bit to the Green Hill Food Co-Op's Fun(d) Raiser party. They are celebrating the soon to be open doors of the new food cooperative with Senegalese buffet at 7:30 to 9. After the food is done, there will be a shake your groove thang session until 11:30.

To wrap things up here, I wanted to share a few sites I came across on the web. I found this site, Brooklynisms, to be quite humorous and informative. I'm not sure how accurate it is but it's worth a glance. I've always been a fan of the skillshare/free school movement and I've finally came across one in Brooklyn. I haven't  stopped by and seen for myself what they have to offer. Maybe we'll bump into each other over there.


  1. Now that I've come to know so much about Brooklyn from you on this blog, I feel like checking out this place someday! :))

  2. Thanks, Nehha. It really is a lot of fun things to do here.


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