Brooklyn Helps Construct Bright Future

Howdy, fellow Brooklyn lovers. I am busier than ever before, seeing how my wedding is less than a month away. Both my fiancee and I are scurrying in every direction to make sure we covered all our details. We really look forward to having our families together in downtown Bk for an incredible day. But that is a blog post all it's own for a future date.

Right now, I wanted to take a moment to reach out to my readers and spread the word about Construct Theater Company. They are based out of Manhattan but members hail from Brooklyn as well. I, myself, have participated in a few monologue slams and sketches. What really moves me about this company is the dedication to opening doors to those often left out of the entertainment industry. They also try to deal with contemporary issues that may get ignored by the mainstream.

Right now, they are in the midst of their fund raising drive. They have some nice programs in the plans for the future to help expand the span of involvement in theater. Aside from the fun times on stage, they are looking to reaching out to high school students. In their words, "With your support, we can begin obtaining certifications from the board of education required so that we can go into the schools and inspire these disenfranchised teens to a continued education in college."

Take a moment, check out the theatre company and help out if you can.

She amazes me in so many ways!


  1. This is a really great blog!! And will most definitely support construct! As they are an amazing and very talented group of artists. Some really great work has come out of the group and I recommend all to support!

  2. All the best for 'the' day :)

  3. Thanks, Nehha. I am so excited!
    Thank you so much, Natalie, I appreciate it. Construct deserves the support of the community so I'm doing what I can to help get the word out.


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