Encouraging Bicycling in Brooklyn And Beyond

One thing I love doing is riding my bike, either in the city or off on some trails. The passion started with road racing a bit here and there. Then I discovered the joys of riding in the middle of nowhere. The fire grew higher the more I rode. Then, I raced in some state championships as well as nationals.

The desire to keep racing waned when I got out of high school. But college life didn't make me put my bike away. I went to Wayne State, which is a couple miles north of downtown Detroit. I drove a lot but I also enjoyed riding the streets to get to where I needed to get. I even found a company that hired bike messengers downtown.

This love of riding carries me all over this megalopolis. I haven't ventured that far into the Bronx as I would like to nor Queens. But I have seen a large amount of Brooklyn and the city as I whiz on by on my bike. I even had a few friends that I used to roll out on a semi weekly ride with. There were a few favorite shops to swing by and sometimes just chew the fat.

Time are always changing and NYC is one excelling example of that. My friends have either moved on to new cities or are rearing children and have less time. That I truly understand. But the loss of the beloved bike shops is a bit hard to withstand. One closed due to the soaring rents of Williamsburg. The other place, well, the owner must have had a greedy agenda he kept well hidden.

Instead of turning this into a grip fest, I'm going to introduce another new page to the blog. I'm going to share different link and videos that will help keep you rolling on my favorite mode of transportation. Not only do I want to share my love of riding, I want you to know how to maintain your bike for yourself. Whether you choose to build up a tool collection or join a local bike co-op is entirely up to you.

If you are finicky about your workspace, I would recommend getting your own tools. I plan on doing this myself by buying a tool or two every month. Keep in mind that quality tools is important, if you want them to last. If you don't have the space or desire, joining a good co-op is a great idea. Not only does it keep your expenses down but it also introduces you to other cycling advocates.

Co-op add an advantage, depending on the culture of it, with the part shares. This will also help in keeping a couple of dollars in your pocket. Instead of scraping old bike that have outlived it's use, they will salvage parts from them and sell/swap with members or to the general public. If you decide other than the co-op, there are places you can order parts for discounted price. I have found, working at bike shops, these are the places where they order from. My favorite is Bike Nashbar. They tend to have the most competitive prices while maintaining a good quality of products.

I have given you a nice amount of info to start with. I would go on and on. Believe me, there are a few subjects that I can talk on about and biking is one of them. But, all this talk of riding/working on the bike and a beautiful day going on outside my window has me salivating to go for a spin. I hope you do too soon.

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