Why I Love Brooklyn Expands

Hi folks. I just want to alert my faithful readers that I have expanded my virtual reach over to Tumblr this week. I've been playing around on it but didn't quite know how to incorporate it into my pet project here.
Then it hit me. I figured I can post daily to Tumblr, seeing as how it's geared towards the short attention span audience. I'll show photos and quick thoughts over there, as well as things I find humorous or interesting.

But fear not Blogspot fans, I am not deleting this aspect of the blog. I am keeping this site for expanded posting. What I mean by that is I will publish in-depth articles and video blogs I create here. Speaking of which, I've gotten feedback from a few loyal readers wanting more videos. Rest assured, I have been working on some new episodes showcasing Brooklyn's rich history that helped to shape this country.

To make it plain, Tumblr will be like if this site, Facebook and Twitter had a baby. Not exactly a blurb of a thought nor is it go into great detail, it is sort of a happy medium. To make it even easier, I will be sure to link from Tumblr every time I post on this site. So keep checking in on either site and remember, doctor, always do the right thing. PEACE!!

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