A Quiet Coney Island

It's been another gap between postings and I do apologize. I keep saying I've been busy but who hasn't. Instead of giving you excuses, I've created a new video. My last camera was stolen, along with my wife's laptop. But I am a resourceful guy. With my new phone comes a much better camera, i.e. better quality.

The wife and I went to visit Chicago to celebrate our marriage with her hometown friends. It was an incredible time with my new family and new friends. As much fun as we were having, I could help but miss the various parts of my beloved Brooklyn.

Upon our return, we ditch our luggage with a quickness and headed to Coney Island. We heard that Hurricane Irene was scared of the reputation NYC had and tip toed around the place. Even a couple days after the storm had passed, Coney was rather quiet. So much, I figured it would be a nice one-minute video. Enjoy.

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