Digable Planet Orbits Thru Brooklyn Bowl

When I was a teenager, I had a long list of artists I had to catch live. It didn't matter what the genre was, for I listened to all types of music. Luckily, I have been able to see the majority of the acts on my list. Last week, I thought I was lucky enough to have the chance to see Digable Planets, a group I haven't had the chance to see live.

When my wife and I walked into Brooklyn Bowl, F.Stokes was in the middle of his set. I haven't heard of him until this show (another great reason to go to more live shows) and I was pretty intrigued by the guys website. He lists his influences is quite range of folks, which is right up my alley. He kept his show simple but did not fail to engage the audience.  One thing is for sure, this guy is now on my radar of artists to watch.

After he finished and the stage hands finished setting up, you could see people were anticipating the headliner. Not from chants or anything of that sorts. Everyone, except those busy bowling, was eagerly watching the stage for Butterfly, Lady Bug and Doodlebug.

Unfortunately, only one of the trio had made it for the show. At first, I thought the group was playing with the audience and building anticipation. But about 2 and a half songs into the show, I realized it was just him. Aside from the setbacks, Doodlebug didn't let me down. It may not have been the show I thought I was going to see but it wasn't a dull show.

Third Degree, the crew he brought to back him up, put on a pretty good show. I didn't know the material they were performing but I liked it. They had a gritty sound I would have expected for a Philly band and they had a nice stage presence. It wasn't what I had expected but it did deliver the feeling of being at a hip-hop show in the 90's. For that, I enjoyed the show. I just wished it was billed as Doodlebug from Digable Planets instead. I still would have went and I wouldn't be left wondering if the crew fell out again.

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