Brooklyn Opens It Landmark Arena

I have been a busy little bee over the summer and my lack of posts speak to that. As many ideas I have had for new videos, I just wasn't able to make some time. Sorry, I've been busy with the development of my Anti Bling company, among other things. I do see that I have folks who check in regularly to see what's new here and I really do appreciate the support I have. I plan on making a few over the remainder of the month so I have a few to share in the coming time. But in the mean time, check out a time lapse video of the construction of Brooklyn's hottest new attraction, the Barclay Center.

I have had mixed feelings about the development project since the beginning. As a child, I grew up hearing about the Dodgers from my granny. It excited me to know that a professional team in one of the 4 major leagues was going to be back in Brooklyn. Having lived for some time by the Atlantic Yards, I was excited to see Prospect Heights and Fort Greene have better access to the neighboring areas. But the scale of the project seemed way out of place.

While all things grow and change, I feel remaining connected to the history and development is important. By creating sky rise towers surrounding the arena, it would have dwarfed the surrounding neighborhood. More importantly, the existing infrastructure was not prepared to handle the new influx of people. I also didn't like the fact that a housing shelter was closed in the middle of the winter to make room for construction storage.

I still have some mixed feeling about the development. While I am excited about having a Brooklyn team to cheer on (being from Detroit originally, the Nets is the first apparel I donned that isn't Tiger or Piston gear), I'm still leery of how drastic a change the future towers will bring. Having a feel for the community in that area, it would be a shame if it were lost to create a new "Manhattan" in Brooklyn.

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  1. I agree I too DO NOT want a new Manhattan in BK, we are lucky to be in such a diverse city that we have BOTH Manhattan and Brooklyn, two very different but important neighborhoods.

    I can't speak for everyone, but I will say the food vendors in the immediate area seemed SUPER excited on opening day, so perhaps the jobs, income, and spending it brings to the area will dwarf the other changes.

    Here's to us waiting and seeing-MzK (of The Urbane Life


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