Brooklyn Serves Up Another Night Of Donuts

When I left Detroit for NYC, it was a weird feeling. I had a lot of great times in the hip hop scene but I knew it was time to move on. Things just weren't the same, especially seeing as how Proof and J Dilla were gone when I decided to go in 2006.

Photo: Regan Coule
I found myself partying a bit more again to throw off some of the homesick blues. I was hoping to find a place that reminded me of St Andrews back in Detroit. One of the things that helped my love affair with Brooklyn begin was all of the Dilla parties that were being thrown in the county of Kings.

The year after he had past, I think I went to four event dedicated to the man. Pharoe Monch host one in Williamsburg. Mary Pryor, a Detroit transplant, held a fundraiser for his legacy in Cobble Hill. Brooklyn seemed to show more love than Dilla's own hometown. While this hurt a bit, it reminded me of the love Dilla received from the St. Andrews crowd. With that, I felt that I was home finally.

As the years passed, less parties were thrown in his honor. This year, I've only heard about one event. While a bit disheartened. I'm glad to see that Donuts Are Forever is continuing to champion his legacy, while raising funds for the scholarship with that namesake. DAF6 at Brooklyn Bowl the past Sunday did not disappoint.

Photo: Gregory Malcolm

Arriving early to assure wifey and I got in, we were able to stake out a great spot to enjoy the festivities. It also allowed us the chance to hear how Dilla had an effect on other people in the NYC area. I am always curious because Dilla really did create an impact on my life, as well as numerous friends back home. It's amazing how many people were deeply moved by him without ever meeting him. For the first time, I met a woman (pictured to the left) who had his name tattooed on her. I've heard about it online but never actually seen a Dilla tattoo in the flesh.

Once the show got under way, it was hard for me to really concentrate on much else besides the music.From the first time I heard his music, Dilla has always had that effect on me. Sunday was no exception.

Photo: Regan Coule
I was hoping to hear something new from Dilla's catalog, since he has unknown amount of unreleased material. I thought maybe Prince Paul or Neil Armstrong had a few gems they wanted to treat us to at this years event. Unfortunately, I didn't hear anything that I haven't heard before.

Nevertheless, it did not discourage me from enjoying the energy from a thousand plus Dilla heads. After all, that is the real reason to go to Donuts Are Forever at this point. I have yet to see the level of appreciation people give to his work than any other hip hop artist.

Note: Why I Love Brooklyn would like to give a special thanks to for allowing us to republish their photos. We would also like to thank Brooklyn Bowl for giving us press access.

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