Brooklyn Sitll A Borough Of Opportunities

Hey everybody, despite my job moving and not finding a new one yet, I'm still busy as ever and haven't had a moment to produce another WILB video. The daily hunt for a job leaves me with not as much time as one would think.

Although I do have some ideas for videos, I've been out on Anti Bling sales calls trying to get the Brooklyn necklace out in stores. I want to give a big shout to Frsh Concepts over in Dumbo for believing in the Anti Bling Store and carrying my line. Marvin has great boutique that focuses on emerging artists and designers. He's located in The Shops at 145 Front Street.

I've also been busy working on new projects. You may have noticed the new indiegogo widget on the left. Well, I'm helping my wife bring to life her latest character, Velma. A wonderful and lovable woman who is bubbly and cheerful but just doesn't get it. Her wacky ways are hilarious and the things that fly over her head is even funnier.

Aside from shooting and editing those videos, we've been plugging away with the fund raising campaign. She has assembled the crew and cast the roles. We are now looking to our community to help launch this initiative. We put together the crowd funding at Then we created the Facebook fan page. Now we are promoting in various ways we know how to.

Nihara and I ask that you take some time to check it out and give what you can, even if it's just spreading the word. We appreciate all the support we've gotten this far and we look forward to producing the web series. That's right, she has 13 episodes planned and 3 written.

Hopefully the weather is cooperative in the next few days. I'm hoping to be able to break out the camera finally. I have been wanting to showcase Crown Heights for a while. Living over here for a few years has taught me a lot of it's various history. And there are some interesting places and things to do. I should have that up by this weekend.

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