Historic Restoration For New Rink In Prospect Park

With the temperatures below freezing and regular threats of snow, it is safe to say winter is definitely here. As others might moan about this season, I finds many ways to enjoy it. I haven't been on a snowboard in almost a decade nor have I thrown a snowball in a long time. One thing is a certain every winter: I will go ice skating.

I do admit that this is one of the reasons I high tail it into the city. I live in Crown Heights and find myself in a part of Brooklyn with no ice rink nearby. Some of you may respond by saying "what about Prospect Park". I was going there for a while but they have been closed the last couple of years. Before you freak out and scream about budget cuts, it's because they are constructing a whole new rink on Prospect Park Lake. They are even restoring the old rink site to reflect the original design.

I am anxiously anticipating the opening of Lakeside in Prospect Park but will have to wait one more season before it opens. I don't mind making the trek into the city for free ice skating. However, I do miss having the rink a hop and a skip away. I just hope the new rink is not as bumpy as the old one was so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they have the budget for a new Zamboni machine!

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