Why am I doing this

Well, a few people have been asking me why is it I am doing this. And too many times, I have used the video blog to explain why. But I don't want to do that. The video I think should be for your enjoyment of seeing what Brooklyn offers.

So I took it upon myself to start writing more as well. Here, I will share my thoughts and reactions to my audience. I think this will allow me to keep a more focused video production. It also gives me the opportunity to add more structure to my endeavor.

With that said, let me try and answer what it is that motivates me to do this. Yes, I am a native Detroiter, transplanted here almost three years ago. But I grew up hearing about Brooklyn. You see, my paternal grandmother was raised in this borough. When she would visit, I remember her stories about go to Dodger games or Coney Island. My own mother grew up in Levitown, so she would tell her memories about trips to the city. Her stories of Coney Island made me want to ride the rides and pig out on junk food. It was only natural that I would be drawn to this city within a city.

I stayed in all boroughs except Staten Island. It was 1996 when I stayed up in the Bronx. I had a great time, but I was always on the train for an hour. I didn't mind it when I was an unfocused teenager happy to be living outside of Detroit, but I couldn't take riding the train for 2 hours a day. After all, one of two big reasons I left Detroit again was I was tired of driving one hour each way for work. I was not about to trade in a car for a train. This time around, I found myself moving to Sugar Hill. Harlem was a blast but a short stay. When I moved to Astoria, Queens, I was always in the city or hanging out in Brooklyn.

After spending time in Bk, I started to create some good memories of my own. My parents drove thru and stayed a couple of nights here. One great memory is having dinner with them at Juniors. It was really nice because my mother loves cheesecake. I liked relaxing in Central Park, but too often, the building towering over the treeline reminds that it is not much of an escape. My first trip to Prospect Park made me feel like I traveled to the countryside.

Aside from all that, I think the biggest reason is the people. I do have a good amount of friends living in Brooklyn, but I am also speaking about the folks I don't know. People I see on the streets or in the stores or where ever, they tend to have good character. Not to say that the other boroughs don't have good people, but I felt most at home around the people in Brooklyn.

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