Still moving forward in Brooklyn

Some of you may have noticed a slight drop in the posting in the last week. It's not that I have been slacking on this project. Living in NYC can be hectic, no mater what borough you choose. The place I am at now is not working out very well. With the new month approaching, I have been getting a bit anxious if it would work out.

I've been iching to do another video. Ideas just seem to flow through me for different topics to show. The recent news about Coney Island makes me want to show you what it looks like empty. (Don't ask why) I thought about going out to Prospect Park to show you how people utilize it during the winter time. Unfortunately, the last snow storm I took the camera out in was a little too damp. I even thought about documenting the experience of looking for a new place in Brooklyn. Then the thought smacked me back pretty hard. Walking into a place with a camera rolling would be a good idea.

But worry not, friends. I love putting this together and I do not see myself slowing down anytime soon. I enjoy the react that I am getting. People keep telling me they enjoy the video segments. Some even offer to help with them. I never expected this much from a simple video I made to pass some time.

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