A Story Set in Bed Stuy, 20 Years Later

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love films. They have the power to take you places and think about things that are new. They can change the path of a person if it is honest and compelling. Some will make you question the world you are living in. This opened my eyes to a world of communicating with people. One of the films that drew me into the world of film was 'Do The Right Thing'.

The backdrop was Bed-Stuy, which was like an dense Detroit to me. I saw myself in some of the characters. I had different experiences but they weren't too far off. Therefore, the biggest impact was that Spike Lee and crew were addressing the issues that many of my friends were dealing with. The only difference was very few Italians remained in the D and the stores were owned by Arabs, not Koreans.


It has been 20 years and the movie still has an impact. There might be a black president in office but even he said we have a long way to go in his election campaign. I love being a part of the process of learning to come together as a whole in humanity, as bumpy of a road that may be. But stories like this need to be told if the situation is going to be addressed.

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