The gritty side has gotten me

Usually the first reaction I get from people not familiar with Brooklyn is similar to what people think about Detroit. "Isn't it dangerous" or "will I get robbed" is too often asked. I usually want to smack people for assuming this, but my maturity won't allow that. I kindly respond that life is a risk where ever you go, you just have to use common sense.

Well, I made the mistake of not taking my own advice. You see, I had moved recently and lost my equipment that I use to create and manage my sites. I took a livery cab to move some of my smaller belongings. Instead of calling for a car, I figured it would be easier to hail on of the many that pass by my stoop.


You see, he was not affiliated with any company. He bought the town car and worked independently. I respected his hustle and thought about getting his number for future rides. Instead, we talked about our hometowns on the ride. That was one of the mistakes I made.

We arrived at my new local and I got moving. While I was unloading the driver went to get change. The person parked next to the car got in and was annoyed that he had to wait. The driver came out, got his money and hopped in the cab. Instead of double checking the car for anything left behind, I shook his hand and kept moving.

About two seconds later, I realized what I had done. Chasing the car down, he laid into the gas pedal. I don't think he realized I had left my bag in the car but he wasn't trying to stop for me. I know that I could have prevented this from happening in so many ways. At first, I felt a serious emptiness in my stomach that hurt bad. I felt naked and vulnerable to identity theft. But I couldn't dwell on my mistakes.

I am sharing this story with you so that you too may learn from my expensive lesson. There are a lot of things to love about Brooklyn (and Detroit). They are big cities, which draws all types of characters. Even the suburbs and rural areas have a few bad apples.

The point I am trying to make is not to let them slow you down but also know how to protect yourself (and belongings). Also, I don't want you to think I have fallen off as a blogger. I want you to know why I have been absent.


  1. Very sound advice and a good lesson. I've left stuff behind myself. I think the worst was when I left a very rare recording aboard a train. It will cost me a fortune to ever replace it.

  2. I've experienced something similar a couple of years back and it feels crappy when people take advantage of small talk between themselves. I hope your readers will learn from this experience of yours and lessen the number of skeptical questions like "will I get robbed".

  3. Good advice. This can happen anyway, but it happens more easily when you're distracted. I live in a small city and never worried about taking the face plate off my car stereo. One morning my son forgot to lock the passenger's side of the car and of course it was gone.


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