A great Brooklyn summer in the making

I swear I have not forgotten about this blog. I know I have been MIA lately but it is with good reason. I have been prepping my backyard with vigor for some incredible grill parties.The lawn is almost in so I will be sharing a video with you of the first party. Plus, I've been spending quite a bit of time with a special lady friend.

I went to Coney Island yesterday and had a blast. The new Luna Park is a lot of fun with more new rides to come. I am so glad that we can still enjoy the old timey carnival culture. I love going to Coney Island and I would have hated to see it disappear.

I wanted to share my experience with you today but I must join my friends at the Loving Day festival. I do have equipment again so check back real soon for a new video. In the mean time, watch one of the earlier videos that takes you to last years festival.

I know, I know, the look of the video has come a long way
Mine, too, for that matter

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