Backyard Barbeque in Brooklyn causes move

Well, my faithful followers, this is it. I have had it up to here and I am done. Not with blogging. With this provider, Blogger. It served me well until the last couple of months. They made some changes that baffled me. Seriously, why fix something that is not broke.

I was attempting to share some pictures of the bbq with you and it was just infuriating. Trying to design a decent looking layout for the post brought back the headache I got rid of this morning. After a few tries at figuring out the method to their new madness, I gave up. I knew that it was time to move to the next spot.

A few folks have been trying to get me over to WordPress for a while now. I tested out a page a few months ago but didn't see any reason to make the switch. Then, some genius at this site decided to make some changes. If you type in, you will still be forwarded to my site, always.

So check out the new site and update you link button (if you added me to your bookmarks) and check back later today for those pics.


  1. hey cool site. I am going to set up a link on my blog to your site.

  2. I'll miss your old site, but I left blogger for wordpress too!


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