Old habits die hard, especially in Bk

If you have seen my videos, you know I am a vinyl junkie. I love many aspects of the o.d. (original disc) It's not the crackling or the popping, even though I think it adds a bit of character to the music. But I love the thill of the hunt. No two digging journeys are the same. You don't know which lp you will end up with. Nor do you expect the history lessons that come with it.

Today, it is difficult to find music stores that sell cds. With the advancement of downloadable music, it's surprising to a lot of people that vinyl is still made. People are more surpirsed to find out vinyl is still the music industry standard. I don't know if it's a vintage type trend, but I am surprised that collecting vinyl is growing as a hobby.

This is a good article about how finding vinyl is evolving


here are a few spots that i like to dig at

Academy is a cool spot but that's not to say I'm giving you my ace in the hole.
Keep diggin', Brooklyn!

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