The legacy of Dilla

I was traveling recently. On my return trip, I met a woman who surprised me in a couple of ways. First, she was a hip hop fan. (looks are deceiving) More than that, she, like myself, was a participant. Like me, she was not given reasons in recent time to remain heavily involved. She also chose to observe (rarely, she told me) from afar.

But what surprised me even more was before I spoke his name, she knew I was talking about Dilla. I've talked with more people claiming to be hip hop heads who didn't know anything about the man. Some even argued that Kanye was influencing him (sad but very true) So I wanted to share with you a Brooklyn bred emcee who wrote about the mans legacy. I think the handwritten note makes the words even more powerful.

Thanks for sharing this Talib.

Dilla will live forever through those truly that loved him!

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