It's gotta be the pinstripes

Writing this blog has been fun for me. It started as a simple video I made to pass some time and answer a question I hear a lot. Yes, I love living in Brooklyn. Yes, I spend more time in Brooklyn than any other part of town. But this doesn't mean that I don't go to the city.

I took y'all there for the
Loving Day Celebration. I figured I take you for the Yankee ticker tape parade. I was going to do a lot more video, but the crowd was intense. A lot of pushing and shoving not to mention cursing, you know, New Yorkers being New Yorkers. It was difficult trying to get just a picture. Enjoy...

Sorry for the delay in the editing and posting of this edition. I just went thru a crazy move. That's a whole different blog of it's own.


  1. I can see why you'd love all the activity. It seems so alive there! I took my son to New York city once when when he was young and he was so impressed with the city that ever since he's always planned to live there one day.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun actually. What is Loving Day? Forgive my ignorance :)

  3. No problem, Lena. Richard and Mildred Loving sued the state for the right to legally marry in 1968. They won and opened the door for other interracial couples in other states to do the same. June 12th was the day that the ruling. There has been a festival celebrating that decision for a few years now. Learn more at


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