Blizzard Blunders Brings out Best of Brooklynites

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews
It's back to the grind after the holidays here in Brooklyn. It sure seems like the sanitation department has had a nice vacation. When the snow hit, it took forever for them to clear streets in our beloved borough. Now, it seems as though they are dragging their feet to pick up the trash.

This is not the first blizzard to hit the area. I remember hearing stories from my granny about dealing with Brooklyn streets during 3 foot snow storms. So why, after many years of experience, is NYC having trouble with the elements? There are many rumors and stories swirling around this question. 

Photos by Bitchcakesny
We were told that in order to remove the snow, they had to postpone trash pick up. Seems reasonable, right. But we sat around, waiting for our streets to be cleared. It seemed that mother nature was the agent that helped in that area. Are we supposed to wait on a magical gust of wind to sweep the garbage away now?

But through the trials of the season, what I love most about Brooklyn shined bright in this time. With the lack of the city services, people we left to deal with it on their own. Much like my hometown when this happens, peoples compassion came out. Folks helped each other to dig out cars or walkways. They checked in on the elders on the block and ran to the store if they needed anything. Sure, folks may have wanted a couple dollars for the helping hand. But I didn't hear one person complain if they didn't get a dime.

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