A Better Brooklyn Makes For A Better World

The holidays are over and we're getting back into the business as usual routine. Some of us are working better habits into our day to day. Some of us have already waned from the new year's resolution. One habit to work into our lives that's for the greater good is proper recycling.

Coming from a city that was behind a bit in the movement, I thought the paper, plastic and metals along with a compost bucket was a pretty good job. There is more to it than what I thought. Recently, I've become aware what is called of e-waste.

The next video is just a short sample of the waste collecting around the world. E-waste is imported by many nations besides China. It ends up in places like Africa as well as so many other place in the world.

There are ways to ensure that your electronics doesn't end up being harmful. Organizations such as the LES Ecology Center works hard to make sure that New York City has good habits. They have many programs to educate and make recycling easier. We missed the one in Prospect Park last Sunday. But worry not because Habana Outpost is holding an electronics waste drop off today from 10 to 4. If your going to go, make sure to click above on the link to see what items they are accepting.

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