Seeking A Classic Brooklyn Beverage

Since I've moved to Brooklyn, people have asked me if I've tried a few things. Did you ride the Cyclone? It's too bad you missed the Dodgers by 50 years. (Yes, I've heard that one) Have you been to Juniors? I know you've walked across the bridge? Those were a few of the questions and statements I've heard.

One of the questions was have you tried an egg cream. I've been meaning to try one for a couple of years and I finally have. I was asked a couple of times around the holiday when I mentioned my blog. Not being able to say I have is kind of embarrassing, having been here over 4 years.

I did my research on different places in the city that have a note worthy egg cream. I also made sure I knew what I was getting. You see, ask for a New York egg cream and you get a different drink from a Brooklyn egg cream. New York is vanilla flavored and Brooklyn is chocolate flavored. There is a Bronx egg cream, strawberry, and I've heard of a San Fransisco egg cream, which is hazelnut.

I did not intend on sharing this with you through written word but rather video. Due to some technical difficulty, I am unable to edit the video for a few days. But be sure to check back very soon. I'll show you the places that had an egg cream to boast of as well as how to make one of your own. If you like chocolate milk and soda, this is a post you won't want to miss.

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